Educational Programme on climate change and conservation of agro-biodiversity for decision makers and population

27 Jan 2014


Current training programme (educational programme) is designed for decision makers at national and local level and for local population taking into consideration results of institutional analysis and needs assessment.

The programme provides information on goals and objectives of the programme, training topics, training groups to be trained, training approach, training curricula and schedule, as well information of needed logistic issues. Training modules to the used during planned training session are provided in another chapter.

“Identification and implementation of adaptation response to Climate Change impact for Conservation and Sustainable use of agro-biodiversity in arid and semi-arid ecosystems of SouthCaucasus‖ project is a regional project implemented in three South Caucasus countries by The Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus. As the main objective of the project is to increase capacities of local communities, as well decision makers and local authorities on general issues on climate change, its impact to agro-biodiversity and sustainable farming practices, it is planned to organize a series of training sessions to target groups in selected pilot regions.

The goal of these programme is to increase awareness among local population and authorities on the following issues:

  • General climate change phenomena and related problems at global, regional and local levels
  • On-going national policy, legal framework and implemented activities on climate change
  • Impact of climate change into agro-biodiversity, local production systems and food security in light of existing forecasts and researches
  • Sustainable farming practices and available adaptation modules and practices to be used for conservation of traditionally used agro-biodiversity gene pool, and introduction of international best practices of adaptation and development of local adaptation programmes and plans

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