• UNDP-EU Partnership Report: Towards a Life of Dignity for All – 10 years of UNDP-EU Strategic PartnershipFeb 20, 2014UNDP-EU Partnership Report: Towards a Life of Dignity for All – 10 years of UNDP-EU Strategic PartnershipThe report demonstrates that the UNDP-EU partnership makes a difference where it matters most – in improving the lives of people, around the world. However, the report argues that there is scope to deepen the partnership in areas where it clearly demonstrates an added value, and venturing into new, emerging areas where the partnership has potential to make an important impact.

Our Partners

Partnerships involving the Government, civil society, international organizations and, where appropriate, the private sector is the main principle of UNDP Azerbaijan work. The Government of Azerbaijan is UNDP’s principal partner, both in terms of programme design and implementation as well as in financial terms. The UNDP focus on human development that places people at the centre of development cannot be achieved without the robust engagement of civil society. UNDP also pursues close cooperation with universities, research institutes and think-tanks in Azerbaijan. The private sector represents a strategic partner in several dimensions, and UNDP has an excellent track record of partnering with private sector companies to implement individual projects as well as in the context of the work on Corporate Social Responsibility under the auspices of the Global Compact. Global Environmental Facility and the European Union are UNDP Azerbaijan’s two most important multilateral donors.


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