• UNDP Gender Equality Strategy 2008 - 2013
    Nov 11, 2013

    This document presents “The Gender Equality Strategy 2008-2011’’, which embodies UNDP’s strong commitment to cooperate on woman empowerment. The publication states the importance of gender equality as a development goal itself, besides four inter-related focus areas within achievement of Millenium Development Goals.

  • The book tells a story of establishing the first secular school for Muslim girls in the Islamic world.

  • Social and Economic Rights of Women in Azerbaijan

    The booklet has been compiled on the basis of the extracts from the laws ensuring the economic and social rights of women in the legislation of Azerbaijan.

  • Frequently Asked Questions on Gender Equality Law

    The booklet presents extracts from the Law on Gender Equality in Azerbaijan in the form of questions and answers. It explains key definitions and provisions of the Law in a user-friendly manner.

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