UNDP Office announces a tender for

Pouch Service Provider


UNDP projects announce tenders for

"Modular Ballistic Vests and Tactical Belt-Suspenders for carrying Operational Equipment and Load Bearing Accessories" for the State Border Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan | UNDP General Conditions for Purchase Orders

Consultancy services for development of Training of Trainers Modules for Civil Service Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan | TOR | Deadline extension

United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC)  announces hiring of  

Photography and Videography Production Consultant

Research Consultant


UNDP project announces hiring of:

Local Consultant to conduct an assessment of the Curriculums and contents related to tourism and management sphere to conduct gap analysis for identification of needs of the sector and to support ATMU in preparation of Strategic Plan 2016-2024 | TOR | Template of offeror's letter to UNDP confirming interest and availability for the Individual Contractor (IC) assisgnment | P11


Closed tenders

Procurement of Off-road vehicle for the State Border Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Procurement of Traning Management System (TMS) for the Training Center of the Civil Service Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan | TOR | Clarification 1 | Clarification 2 | Minutes of pre-bidding conference | Deadline extension

Conduction of trainings for teachers of regional tourism vocational school and perspective tourism service personnel within "Capacity Building of the Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University" project

Construction works in Gizil-Agaj protected area | Drawings for Gizil-Agaj protected area | eTendering FAQs for suppliers | eTendering supplier training guide | Bid forms | Responses to the questions_1 | Responses to the questions_2

Travel, hotel accomodation and event management services for the "Modernization of Sustainability and Efficiency of ICT Infrastructure and ICT services in the Republic of Azerbaijan" project | Tender extension


Implementation of activities to enhance application of IPCC 2006 methodolody for carbon inventory in LULUCF sector

Procurement of military truck with passenger cabin mounted for the State Border Service in the framework of the UNDP "Better Coordination of Protection of Land Border between Azerbaijan and Georgia" project

Event management services in Ismayilli for "Clima East Pilot project on "Ecosystem based approaches to climate change"" and "Sustainable Land and Forest Management in Greater Caucasus Landscape" project

Procurement of vehicles for "Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) for low carbon end-use sectors in Azerbaijan" project

Procurement of equipment for fencing and plowing services in the pilot regions within "Sustainable Land and Forest Management in Greater Caucasus Landscape" project | Tender deadline extension

Cleaning of boundary canals in Gizil-Agaj protected area under "Increasing Representation of Effectively Managed Marine Ecosystems" project

Procurement of Utility truck with passenger cabin mounted for the State Border Service | Tender deadline extension

Event Management in Shamakhi and Ismayilli regions of Azerbaijan for the Clima East Pilot Project on Ecosystem based approaches to climate change and sustainable Land and Forest Management in Greater Caucasus Landscape project

Providing video services (shooting one documentary and six success story films for airing in televisions and for wider public outreach during August 2015-March 2016)

Local expert to develop internal procedures for Training Center | TOR

Reforestation/replanting services for improved forest composition in Shamakhi and Ismayilli

Development of forest inventory methodology

Questions and Answers 1 | Questions and Answers 2

Procurement of Transporters/Cross-country vehicles for the State Border Service (extension)

Quadrocycle 4x4 and quadrocycle trailler equipment for the State Border Service | Response to the questions_N01 |Response to the questions_N02| Image_N01 | Image N02

Patrolling, observation, navigation equipment and uniforms within the framework of the "Increasing Representation of effectively managed Marine Ecosystems" project

Preparation of GIS map for Gizil-Agaj reserve complex within the framework of the "Increasing Representation of effectively managed Marine Ecosystems" project

Procurement of vehicles for Ghizil-Agaj protected area within the framework of the "Increasing Representation of effectively managed Marine Ecosystems" project

Implementation of rapid field survey of forests and pastures in Ismayilli and Shamakhi

Implementation of complex pasture inventory/restoration in Ismayilli

Pasture restoration equipment for the Clima East Pilot project on "Ecosystem based approaches to climate change"

Installation of Meteorological and Hydro-meteorological Gauging Station | Annex 1 | eTendering supplier training guide | e-tendering FAQs | Deadline extension

Taxi/Transportation services for UNDP and other UN Agencies in Azerbaijan

Preparation and implementation of training on GIS/GPS technologies for forest inventory activities within the "Sustainable Land and Forest Management in Greater Caucasus Landscape" project | Response to the questions

Preparation of Land Use Maps of three regions within the "Conservation and Sustainable Use of Globally Important Agro-biodiversity" project

Event Management | eTendering_Instructions_Manual_Bidders | e-tendering FAQs

Extension of Integrated Water Resources Management and Conjunctive Water Management trainings for selected stakeholders under UNDP integrating Climate Change Risks into Water and Flood Management by Vulnerable Mountainous Communities in the Greater Caucasus Region

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Resident Coordinator Annual Report
2014 UN Resident Coordinator Report

The publication summarizes progress of the UN System in Azerbaijan towards achieving the outcomes of the UN Development Assistance Framework and charts out the work plan for 2015.

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