Integrating Climate Change Risks into Water and Flood Management


 Project Inception Workshop

Many communities of the Greater Caucasus region of Azerbaijan, especially those in mountainous areas, are at the risk of climate-induced flooding and water stress. While people seem to have become resilient to difficult conditions of the region, climate change is challenging their resilience by exacerbating both flooding patterns and water stress. Reducing the vulnerability of these communities requires proactive adaptation to the impacts of climate change. The current legislative and policy frameworks for water management are not sufficiently flexible to address climate change or to modernize water and flood management. This project aims to reduce vulnerability of the mountainous communities to water stress and flood hazards by improving the water and flood management.

Project Goals

Project aims at modernizing the water and flood management systems and reducing the impact of climate-induced flooding and water stress in Azerbaijan, particularly in the mountainous communities of the Greater Caucasus. The project will: (i) assist modifying the water and flood management frameworks to respond to the adaptation needs and improve climate risk management; (ii) ensure key institutions have capacities to apply advanced climate risk management practices for water stress and flood mitigation; and (iii) improve community resilience to floods and water stress by introducing locally tailored climate risk management practices.

Project Achievements

  • Project management team was established and the project was launched with an official inception workshop.



Amount of contribution, US$

Global Environment Facility (GEF)

2, 700 000




Fiscal Year

Amount of disbursement, USD


81 456

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