Democratic Governance

  • Establishing State Register of PopulationEstablishing State Register of PopulationJan 8, 2014
    Main goal of the project is to establish a single, reliable and comprehensive database on the population of Azerbaijan. The database will ease the registration of the civil status acts and issuance of certificates and national citizens documents.

  • Support to State Social Protection FundSupport to State Social Protection FundFeb 5, 2014
    The Project aims to increase the managerial and technological capacity of SSPF, improve efficiency of the social insurance and pension provision systems in Azerbaijan through automation of main operational processes and data exchange procedures and development of efficient communication between SSPF headquarters and local and regional branches.

  • Internet Governance Forum 2012Jan 8, 2014
    The main project goals are establishment of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2012 Secretariat with the relevant capacity to oversee all organizational issues and successful management of the IGF 2012 in Baku.

  • Capacity Building for the Ministry of Foreign AffairsJan 8, 2014
    Project aims to increase the efficiency and transparency of MFA operations through the application of ICT tools and support to the roll-out of new communication systems to Azerbaijan’s embassies.

  • Enhancing the professional and operational capacities of ASAN ServiceEnhancing the professional and operational capacities of ASAN ServiceSep 17, 2013
    On 13 July 2013, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan issued a Decree (No. 685) to create a State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations. This decision was followed by a Decree of 5 September 2012 (No. 706) that specified the Agency’s structure and Statute.

  • State Register of Invalid DocumentState Register of Invalid DocumentFeb 7, 2014
    The project jointly implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Ministry of Justice (MOJ) of the Republic of Azerbaijan aims, in compliance with leading international experience and using modern information and communication technologies, to establish a single state information database of invalid documents and templates of such documents, that were originally handed by the relevant agencies of the Republic of Azerbaijan to its citizens, as well as to foreigners and persons without citizenship.

  • South Caucasus Integrated Border ManagementSouth Caucasus Integrated Border ManagementFeb 5, 2014
    Project aims to enhance strategic border management capacities; develop and establish IBM-related procedures and operations including Border Check Points (BCPs); assess the benefits of IBM approach through pilot activities; provide technical assistance to pilot BCPs and other IBM-related units.

  • Modernization of customs servicesModernization of customs servicesJan 8, 2014
    Project goal is to support the modernization of the customs service in Azerbaijan through infrastructure development, automation of the processes, and personnel training. The project facilitates the establishment of the Target Centre at the Head Department of Air Transport; use of new technologies and operation management by the customs personnel; and application of best practices in the target definition field.

  • Good Governance through Civil Service ReformGood Governance through Civil Service ReformFeb 5, 2014
    The project goal is to strengthen the human resources capacity of the Civil Service Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and develop the competence of civil servants at central and local levels for implementation of the new performance appraisal system and code of ethics.

  • Youth Participation in GovernanceYouth Participation in GovernanceFeb 5, 2014
    The project aims to increase opportunities for young leaders to participate in decision making and policy formulation in Azerbaijan. It will deliver trainings in leadership, web journalism, speech making,organize policy debates and promote youth in civil service.

  • Modernization of Sustainability and Efficiency of  ICT infrastructure and ICT services Modernization of Sustainability and Efficiency of ICT infrastructure and ICT services Mar 26, 2014
    This project will contribute to the improvements of ICT environment by supporting the Government in pursuing the following goals such as developing a comprehensive national ICT strategy; enhancing country-wide ICT infrastructure through expansion and modernization of AzDATACOM network; promoting ICT integration in business through establishment of Public Private Partnership Specialist Centre on ICT Use; maximizing use of ICTs for greater social and economic impact at the national and regional levels by expanding citizens’ opportunities for e-participation; giving access to Open Government Data; initiating Eurasian Connectivity Alliance to bridge the ‘digital divide’; and operational infrastructure for the Data Center in Azerbaijan is established.

  • Support to Tourism Vocational SchoolSupport to Tourism Vocational SchoolJun 24, 2014
    The project helps the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to strengthen the institutional capacities of the Baku Tourism Vocational School so that its graduates can provide services that would meet high professional standards, thus increasing the competitiveness of Azerbaijan’s touristic industry. This is being achieved through: infrastructural upgrade; curriculum and training courses enhancement; exposure to international experience in management and improved access to educational resources.

  • Creating New Platforms to Support Active Youth Engagement in Global Policy Debates Creating New Platforms to Support Active Youth Engagement in Global Policy Debates Jun 27, 2014
    The primary objective of the project is to support the Office of the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth in preparing for and conducting First Global Youth Policy Forum in the 4th quarter of 2014. The secondary objective of the project is to support the institutionalization of the Model UN in Azerbaijan.


The Democratic Governance programme supports Azerbaijan in developing strong, transparent and accountable public institutions, staffed by professional civil servants and guided by appropriate laws. We also facilitate participation of civil society, in particular young people, in the policy making and implementation. A central component of UNDP support to the public administration reform is the E-governance programme.