Good Governance through Civil Service Reform


 Training for civil servants from local executive authority

UNDP provides support to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) since its establishment in 2005. The changes introduced by the Civil Service Commission over the five years of its existence have been regarded as no less than remarkable in terms of the increased transparency in recruitment civil service, introduction of performance appraisal system, and establishment of online support services and database of civil servants. Nonetheless, both the Government of Azerbaijan and the UNDP agree that it is still important to maintain this momentum and to expand the scope of the reforms in areas other than recruitment. Project aims to ensure that public services are provided to the people of Azerbaijan by a qualified and competent Civil Service in the most efficient manner.

Project Goals

The project goal is to strengthen the human resources capacity of the Civil Service Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and develop the competence of civil servants at central and local levels for implementation of the new performance appraisal system and code of ethics.

Project Accomplishments

  • The CSC experts have delivered training workshop to civil servants at local level on the rules of ethical conduct.




Amount of contribution, US$

Government of Azerbaijan

100, 000




Fiscal Year

Amount of disbursement, US$


78 966

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