Establishing State Register of Population


 civil status booksRe-binding civil status act books is one of the stages in creating a new register

One of the legacies of former Soviet Union that Azerbaijan inherited was the lack of accurate and easily accessible database on population, normally required for informed decision-making in various areas (e.g. social protection of population, conduct of elections, etc). Information on population was often scattered between various state agencies such as the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice and others. There was no central register of population and limited technical capacity: all processes were performed manually, and all equipment required immediate modernization. This critical issue was raised and addressed by the Presidential Decree on “Establishment of the State Register of the Population of Azerbaijan” in 2004. In 2006 UNDP and the Ministry of Justice began their collaboration to modernize the Ministry’s operations in line with internationally accepted registration and ICT standards. The State Register of Population of Azerbaijan Republic, which contains individual information on citizens, people without citizenship and foreigners living in the country, was established within the framework of this collaboration. The State Register is intended to serve as a unified information resource consolidating all state information systems in one network. Such consolidation will lead to the improved information access both for citizens and the government, contribute to efficiency of the public sector, increase transparency of state records, and contribute to the ongoing e-Governance reforms in Azerbaijan.

Project Goals

The project aims to:

  • Establish a single and reliable, full and detailed database on the population of Azerbaijan, in compliance with international best practices and using modern information and communication technologies;
  • Issue a personal and unique identification number to every individual, and
  • Setup a nationwide information resource, combining all state information systems in one network through the State Register of Population.

Additionally the centralized system will provide collection, update and when needed reliable protection of information on settlement and composition of population, scope and direction of migration, demography, as well as prevent illegal use of such information.

Project Accomplishments

  • Conceptual plan for establishment of the State Register of Population (SRP) was prepared;
  • Training courses were conducted for experts to be involved in the work of the SRP Service;
  • Data from 15,000,000 civil status acts were transferred into electronic format. Computer networks and other equipment were installed in key departments of the Ministry of Justice, connecting these working stations to the network of Electronic Information Bank of Civil Status Acts;
  • “State Register of Population” Automated Registration Information System was launched and subsequently installed in various sites.



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Government of Azerbaijan





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2011 1,322,254


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