Enhancing the professional and operational capacities of ASAN


ASANOlivier Adam, UNDP RBEC Regional Director's visit to ASAN Center in Baku (Photo: State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations)

With the establishment of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations, Azerbaijan enters into a new phase of governance development while both numbers and qualities of public services for citizens and businesses is growing rapidly. The Agency is expected to become not only a front-office provider of existing and planned services online, but also to act as the principal integrator of e-Government solutions at both the back- and front-ends according to its Statute.

Over the past decade, UNDP has been one of the main partners of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan in enabling the use of ICT in the public sector to increase its effectiveness, transparency and accountability, with e-services being an important part of UNDP’s assistance. As a result of UNDP’s long history of enhancing the capacity of the country’s public sector with the help of e-Government solutions, there is a lot of good practice, experience and lessons learned that has been accumulated in Azerbaijan. Such expertise covers various domains of infrastructure development, data bases creation and information digitalization, ICT-driven business process reengineering, data sharing and introduction of new e-Government services for citizens, businesses, as well as to other state entities.

Given that UNDP has an excellent record in promoting e-Government in the country since the early 2000s the accommodation of such request would be a natural continuation of the previous and ongoing support so as to move the e-Governance agenda to a new level of maturity and utility.

Project Goals

ASAN_GOALUNDP RBEC delegation paid the visit to ASAN Center while being in Baku. (Photo: State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations)

The purpose of this project is to support the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations by building its operational and strategic capacities to perform the assigned functions as the country’s leading e-Government institution acting on behalf and in cooperation with other state entities in public service provision.

Two main types of activities will be supported under this project, namely:

  • Increasing the Agency’s operational and managerial capacity to plan and implement its functions as an effective, efficient and open state institution; 

  • Increasing the Agency’s strategic capacity to become a leading e-Government agency competent in a) policy development and implementation through close collaboration with other government institutions, expert community, ICT industry, academia, civil society, and b) direct provision of citizen-centric services in a multi-channel manner.

Project Accomplishments

  • An International Consultant was recruited to prepare Strategic Management Plan of the Agency; 

  • Four monitors to conduct citizens opinion on services provided by ASAN centers were procured and installed in Baku (Yasamal district branch) and Ganja


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