Technical Assistance Project on “Establishment of the State Register of Invalid Documents”


Azerbaijan being post Soviet Union country lacked modern information and communication technologies that is required for decision-making in various areas such as conducting elections, providing social protection, organizing modern and flexible administration, increasing the transparency in performance of public agencies, and provision of e-services to the public to prevent cases of corruption and etc. In an effort to address this gap, multifaceted activities are being carried out in the area of ICT which was included into the list of development priorities of the country.

One of the main projects implemented in this sector is “The establishments of the State Register of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan” project. As a result of the project jointly implemented by the Ministry of Justice and UNDP during 2006-2012, an important database on population has been established, on par with international standards, to provide exceptional e-services to the public. After the successful completion of the above-mentioned project, it has been decided to establish the State Register of Invalid Documents created in accordance with Presidential Decree on “The State Register of Invalid Documents” dated 12 March 2007, in the framework of collaboration with the United Nations as well. So the new joint project was signed on December 14, 2012 between the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) of the Republic of Azerbaijan and United Nations Development Programme.

Project Goals

The project jointly implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan aims, in compliance with leading international experience and using modern information and communication technologies,

  • to establish a single state information database of invalid documents and templates of such documents, that were originally handed by the relevant agencies of the Republic of Azerbaijan to its citizens, as well as to foreigners and persons without citizenship; 
  • to enable quick identification of the validity status of individuals’ documents in automated regime during provision of e-services to the public by the state agencies; 
  • to prevent the illegal use of legally invalid documents through undertaking the unified, electronic registration of the reasons for such documents losing their legal meaning, 
  • generally, to improve the services provided by state agencies for the public and to foster the transition to e-services.

Projects Accomplishments

  • The initial pilot version of necessary software application to enable the functioning of the “State Register of Invalid Documents” automated registration information system is under development; 
  • For upgrading the server equipment procured in 2008 for establishment of the state register of invalid documents in accordance with modern requirements and for procurement and installment the necessary hardware and licenses required for modernizing the server equipment, technical assessment was conducted and proposals were prepared. 
  • For administering continuous and sustainable network structure in the establishment process of interior communication infrastructure of the “State Register of Invalid Documents” automated registration information system as well as in the establishment process of coordinated operation of communication infrastructure of the system with its primary information sources - the “State Register of Population” and “Entry-exit and registration“ automated systems and with its information providers - appropriate state agencies, IT Consultant was hired and relevant recommendations regarding corresponding software modules were prepared.


Donors Amount of Contribution, USD
UNDP 250 000
Government 2 000 000

Deliveries by years

Fiscal year Amount of Disbursement, USD
2013 290 040 

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