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As an oil-rich country, Azerbaijan is committed to using its wealth for advancing the socio-economic development through investing in human potential (or “converting black gold to human gold”). Today the principles and methods of human development are considered important for the long-term development of Azerbaijan, since human development requires broader thinking and greater emphasis on human choices, rights and capabilities in policy analysis and formulation. Ensuring the equitable growth in society also calls for continued promotion of this concept among the best prepared and motivated groups of future researchers, public and business administrators. In this context, there is a particular need in human development teaching to be able to expand the relevant knowledge base within the country.

Project Goals

The overall project goal is to promote the concept and principles of sustainable human development in Azerbaijan. The main approach is to enhance the capacities of local universities for teaching human development concept to advanced students, researchers, policy analysts, and public officials. The target audience includes the leading academic institutions, research centres, mass media, and policy-makers of Azerbaijan.

Project Accomplishments

  • Human Development Course was introduced at Azerbaijan State Economic University in Spring Semester 2012, teaching the subject to an advanced group of economics and financial management students. The course was particularly successful in terms of enabling students to think beyond economic categories and to appreciate the human issues in different socio-economic areas, such as environment, demography, health, education, labor markets, and governance among others.
  • Human Development Resource Centre was established at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Azerbaijan Republic, as the first knowledge-sharing hub of human development in the country.


2011 -2013


Amount of contribution, US$



Delivery by years

Fiscal Year Amount of disbursement, US$
2011 63,424
2012 127 056

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