Effective Management of Marine Ecosystems


  Bird watching in Ghizilagaj protected area

Azerbaijan is blessed with an exceptionally rich biodiversity endowment. The Caspian Sea, due to its relative isolation from other bodies of water, supports an estimated 331 endemic species. The region lies within an important migration corridor for millions of birds moving from Africa and the Mediterranean to Central Asia and India. But coastal and marine ecosystems face growing threats from land use change and over-exploitation. While the Government’s conservation measures and funding for the protected areas are essential in many ways, they are not yet sufficient for ensuring the preservation of coastal and marine biodiversity. The long-term solution is the creation of a functional, representative and sustainable national system of coastal and marine protected areas which would effectively protect the marine and coastal biodiversity, habitats and resources.

Project Goals

The goal of the one-year project is to design a full-fledged intervention that aims to establish an effective governance framework and institutional know-how to address the specific threats to biodiversity in Azerbaijan’s section of the Caspian Sea. The project will also strengthen protected area management within the globally important Ghizilagaj nature reserve located on the Caspian coast.

Project Accomplishments

  • The Project Team was established and project work plan prepared
  • The Team produced a report outlining: a) road-map of the assignment; b) project time-tables; c) list of required data
  • Data collection was initiated.




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