Women's Empowerment

  • Empowering Rural Women Empowering Rural WomenThe aim of this project is to support the activities of the State Committee for Family,Women and Children's Affairs (SCFWCA) in their efforts to expand women’s participation in the economic and community life, with a focus on rural areas. The project also builds the capacities of the SCFWCA staff in producing qualitative data for evidence-based policy formulation.

  • Support Gender ResearchUNDP, in partnership with Leader Women Public Union, has established and supports a Gender Study and Research Centre at the State Pedagogical University. The Centre aims to promote gender sensitive approaches and attitudes among its graduates and through them diffuse knowledge in schools. The project has also has teamed up with IOM to conduct a survey on the situation of migrants’ spouses staying behind in Azerbaijan.

  • Empowering Rural Women in the Social and Economic LifeEmpowering Rural Women in the Social and Economic LifeAchieving gender equality is one of the United Nation's highest priorities and is considered as a necessary precondition for fully achieving human development. Gender equality recognizes the individual - regardless of sex - as the central figure of societal progress and enables the nation to set on a long and thorny path to democratization and the nation’s sustainable development. The legal framework and policies pursued by the Government of Azerbaijan create enabling environment for women to exercise their rights and advance their position in the society. Since independence, Azerbaijan has ratified almost all essential international documents on the protection of women's rights.

  • Economic and Social Empowerment of Young and Disabled WomenEconomic and Social Empowerment of Young and Disabled WomenThe project goal is to create opportunities for young and disabled women and to fully participate in the economic and social life of their community. The project is implemented under the New World Project, funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation, administered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


UNDP supports a gender programme that gives opportunities to women to participate in economic and social life, and strengthens capacities of the government agencies to develop gender-sensitive policies. As part of the programme, UNDP organizes awareness campaigns to challenge stereotypes and socio-cultural practices that hinder implementation of women’s rights. Last but not least, UNDP seeks to incorporate gender dimension into its researches to identify women-specific concerns and recommend ways to address them.