Economic and Social Empowerment of Rural Women and Youth


The project design was informed by a field assessment of needs and concerns of rural women in Neftchala, as conducted by UNDP in December 2013, and by UNDP’s current project experience in rural communities of Neftchala. Women in Neftchala, generally, have good education and receive family support for pursuing education; have access to modern technology and information sources; have no rigid restrictions in choice of employment though some gender biases still persist; and are interested in strengthening their social participation. However, they also suffer from scarcity of income-generation opportunities available in their communities; dedicate large portion of their day to unpaid labour, which prevents them from exploring opportunities for economic and social participation; and lack basic financial literacy skills.

UNDP’s current New World project has started addressing these challenges by establishing Women Resource Centre which is enabled to act as a technical facility providing a broad range of services to women of Neftchala. The WRC builds its operations drawing on active local network of rural women and strong interest of local municipality to address women’s issues. The project has commenced a number of women-led businesses which are also active members of the WRC-and-women networking. Based on the momentum achieved by project among women of Neftchala and recommendations of SCFWCA leadership, the project activities will be scaled up to cover the neighbouring communities of Salyan region. The purpose of the scale-up is to expand the coverage of Neftchala WRC to include Salyan region so that Salyan eventually has enough potential and networking for its own WRC.

Project Goals

The project goal is to create opportunities for rural women and youth to fully participate in the economic and social life of their communities. The project will be implemented in Neftchala and Salyan regions of Azerbaijan and will serve 3 specific objectives:

  • Support rural women of Neftchala and Salyan to increase the level of their economic and social participation through development of professional and entrepreneurial skills and social networking.
  • Promote social tripartite dialogue between government, trade unions and employers to address the economic needs of rural and young women.
  • Address the gender biases and stereotypes in target communities related to the choice of jobs and gender-based distribution of family duties.

Project Accomplishments

  • Project Management Unit is established
  • International Consultant is recruited
  • Location for WRC is identified


Donors Amount of contribution, USD
Coca-Cola 100.000
UNDP 14.000
In kind contributions 30.000


Fiscal Year Amount of disbursement, USD

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