Support to Gender Research in Azerbaijan


By adopting the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence in June 2010, Azerbaijan had made another important step on the path toward gender equality and protection of women’s rights. The Law drew an explicit connection between domestic violence and discrimination against women, and has outlined the main principles of state policy in domestic violence prevention. Although the exact scope of domestic violence in Azerbaijan has been difficult to gauge, as few men or women would report abuse, all research in this area confirms the persistent prevalence of spousal violence against women in the society and its negative impact on gender equality. According to the UNFPA’s most recent study on domestic violence in Azerbaijan, the prevalence of physical violence against women by their intimate partners ranged from 9 percent in the capital city of Baku to 29 percent in Absheron region, with most regions falling between 11 and 19 percent. Another niche of population warranting attention is the abandoned women, wives of migrant workers: to this date, these women remain neglected and no development project has so far supported this population group.

Project Goals

Through this project UNDP will improve the knowledge and skills of teachers and students of the State Pedagogical University on domestic violence legislation. Upon completion of trainings, they will in turn act as agents for change in traditional gender stereotypes and attitudes throughout the education system. The project will also administer a joint research with International Organization for Migration (IOM) on abandoned women, wives of migrant workers, which will be used to design new projects for this population group. The Project aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. Development of the awareness-raising and education materials
  2. Capacity building workshops for teachers and students of the University
  3. Providing UNDP and other stakeholders with recommendations for future initiatives targeting abandoned women

Project Accomplishments

The Gender Study and Research Centre was established at the State Pedagogical University, which also includes the Gender Library. The Centre is instrumental in raising the level of interest and awareness about the issues of women’s rights and gender equality by providing the University faculty staff and students with free access to information and educational materials.

The Project developed a Training Manual on “Essential Gender Concepts” for the core staff of the Gender Centre, and conducted a training workshop for them in this subject area.



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