Crisis prevention & recovery

Many countries are increasingly vulnerable towards violent conflicts or natural disasters that can erase decades of development and further entrench poverty and inequality. Azerbaijan still experiences the consequences of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and is increasingly exposed to natural disasters magnified by the climate change. Through its knowledge network, UNDP shares innovative approaches to reducing disaster risks and building community resilience to climate change effects, and supports the country in its post-conflict recovery efforts.

Our Goals

UNDP strives to assist the country to clear its lands from mines and unexploded ordnance - a direct consequence of the conflict, and build adaptive capacities to manage climate change induced disasters such as floods and water stress. more

Demining operations

Azerbaijan has built an internationally recognized agency to remove landmines and explosive remnants of war.More

Our Stories

  • Mine Detection Dogs, ANAMA

    Clearing Mines to Save Lives

    Azerbaijan: National Capacity for Mine Action Landmines are easy to lay, but far harder to clear. Once in the ground, they threaten human lives and livelihoodsmore

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Projects and Initiatives

water stressed valley

Increasing resilience to climate change

Ministry of Emergency Situations and UNDP work together to improve the water and flood management systems and reduce the impact of climate-induced flooding and water stress in Azerbaijan, particularly in the vulnerable mountainous communities of the Greater Caucasus. More

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