• Civil Service

    UNDP has been providing support to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) since its establishment in 2005 to pursue reforms and improve the overall delivery and quality of public services. With support of UNDP the Civil Service Commission achieved significant results in formulation of unified state policy in the area of civil service, in the introduction of a competitive and transparent centralized recruitment system for the civil service, in re-training and professional development of civil servants

  • Making a Difference: Relying on Youth

    Young people around the world are full of ambition and expectations. Youth face many challenges. Poverty and limited access to resources, education, healthcare, and employment can hinder the full realization of youth rights, opportunities, and potential in many parts of the world. Coupled with social discrimination, violence, and environmental degradation, this leads to worrying implications for both young people themselves, and societies as a whole.

  • Pension Fund

    During the first years of its independence Azerbaijan suffered a severe economic crisis which quickly resulted in collapse of the social safety. The Government saw the urgent need for implementing relevant policy measures, including the policies for social protection of the elderly and in September 2003 the Government of Azerbaijan and UNDP signed a project to support the national reforms in the pension system and to incorporate advanced ICT systems in the operations of the State Social Protection Fund (SSPF), the key government agency for pension reforms.

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