Creating Professional Civil Service to Serve the Citizen

Azerbaijan experienced high rates of economic growth in 2003-2008, notably due to significant hydrocarbon revenues. While the influx of new investments into Azerbaijan’s young economy bore a promise for improved infrastructural services and social policies, it also heightened the pressure for good gmore


Making a Difference: Relying on Youth

Young people around the world are full of ambition and expectations. Youth face many challenges. Poverty and limited access to resources, education, healthcare, and employment can hinder the full realization of youth rights, opportunities, and potential in many parts of the world. Coupled with sociamore


Pension Reforms to Serve and Protect the Vulnerable

During the first years of independence, Azerbaijan suffered a severe economic crisis which quickly resulted in a collapse of the social safety net maintained during the Soviet era, leaving the displaced, the disabled, single mothers, and the elderly particularly vulnerable. In 1995-96, the World Banmore

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