Sustainable Development


The Programme is built around three pillars of sustainable development – economic growth, social improvement and environmental sustainability, and puts emphasis on the importance of holistic approach for addressing developmental challenges.  

As one of the vehicles to broaden the perspective of young people on developmental issues, UNDP initiated a Human Development Course in a number of Azerbaijan’s universities including the Public Administration Academy and the State Economics University that train the future civil servants and economists respectively.

A notable success in improving human wellbeing was the establishment of the Baku Training Center for the unemployed in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and SYSLAB, a Norwegian NGO. The project introduced an innovative employment scheme – over 80% of the unemployed persons recruited by the Centre have found a job within a few months. It is planned to replicate this approach in two big cities of Azerbaijan.

UNDP successfully re-kindled its work with the private sector resulting in the Launch of Global Compact chapter, and will continue its efforts towards ensuring sustainable presence of the Global Compact in Azerbaijan and strengthening its capacity as a mechanism for stronger Corporate Social Responsibility and social participation.

UNDP is engaged in the efforts to diversify the non-oil economy, and tourism industry is one of the promising sectors to contribute to the achievement of this ambitious goal.  While Azerbaijan has enormous tourism potential and made a breakthrough in terms of infrastructure and facilities for the tourism industry, the provision of services to the tourists is still sub-standard. UNDP has partnered with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to improve the capacities of the tourist centres and Azerbaijan Tourism University, and plans to help establish a model vocational school in Baku to train qualified personnel for the tourism sector.

UNDP pursues a number of initiatives with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Benefiting from significant GEF funding, UNDP’s Environmental Programme assists the government to comply with reporting requirements to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and UN Convention on Biodiversity, address the challenges of land degradation and deforestation, and protect marine biodiversity of the Caspian Sea.  UNDP has helped to draft legislation on impact assessments as an important instrument of national environmental policy, and improve capacities for solid waste management.  Last but not least, UNDP helps the State Company on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources to overcome barriers to development of sustainable energy by improving legislation, strengthening economic viability and building staff capacity.  

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