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  • Strengthening the capacity of tourism sector in Azerbaijan

    Together with UNDP, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched the project “Support to Baku Tourism Vocational School” to strengthen the institutional capacities of Baku Tourism School and educate its graduates to provide services that would meet high professional standards. We were certain that it would increase the competitiveness of Azerbaijan’s touristic industry, enhance management system and curriculum and training courses of the School during the project.

  • Supporting rural Azerbaijani women in social and economic life

    Imagine…! There is a woman with no opportunity in her life. She has no access to new skills and knowledge, no pay check. She has no power to decide for even herself and is mistreated by the community. Think, what would you do to get yourself out of this situation? Surprisingly, every day many women are treated in such a manner in many societies. They do not participate in either economic or social life. Their rights are violated

  • United by a passion for a stronger world

    It’s International Youth Day! Over the last two years, UNDP in Azerbaijan has collaborated to establish a Model United Nations and boost the MUN movement in the country. The Model UN movement unites youth from different educational backgrounds and social status. Their shared interest in global affairs unites them, creating a strong network of Azerbaijani youth. Nearly 900 young people have participated. What is that experience like for a young Azerbaijani? 21-year old Sheyda Karimova, majoring in American Studies, writes about her experience.

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