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Pension Reforms to Serve and Protect the Vulnerable

During the first years of independence, Azerbaijan suffered a severe economic crisis which quickly resulted in a collapse of the social safety net maintained during the Soviet era, leaving the displaced, the disabled, single mothers, and the elderly particularly vulnerable. In 1995-96, the World Banmore


Promoting employment for young people in Azerbaijan

A newly opened ASAN center in Sumgait City is directed by a young civil servant, Vuqar Jafarov. He is an example of a skillful person who made a successful career path in Azerbaijan. But a few years ago, he probably could not believe that he would make such a rapid career progress. Vugar Jafarov is more


Solid Waste Management: Cleaner, Safer, Greener!

Azerbaijan inherited deficient waste management system from the former Soviet Union. Due to the collapsed management system and chaotic dumping, the waste collection and processing was in disarray. There was no reliable information on SWM situation in the country: basic data on waste generation ratemore

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