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  • In Azerbaijan, new women entrepreneurs off to a fresh start

    When 31 year-old Gunel Samadova heard about the recently opened Women Resource Centre in Neftchala, she immediately signed up for the course. The centre offers, among other things, technical support to women to set up their own companies.

  • Making a Difference: Relying on Youth

    Young people around the world are full of ambition and expectations. Youth face many challenges. Poverty and limited access to resources, education, healthcare, and employment can hinder the full realization of youth rights, opportunities, and potential in many parts of the world. Coupled with social discrimination, violence, and environmental degradation, this leads to worrying implications for both young people themselves, and societies as a whole.

  • Supporting rural Azerbaijani women in social and economic life

    Imagine…! There is a woman with no opportunity in her life. She has no access to new skills and knowledge, no pay check. She has no power to decide for even herself and is mistreated by the community. Think, what would you do to get yourself out of this situation? Surprisingly, every day many women are treated in such a manner in many societies. They do not participate in either economic or social life. Their rights are violated

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