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UNDP and ANAMA celebrate 20 years of success in mine action

Today, as ANAMA marks 20 years of successful operations in the country, over 520 million square metres of Azerbaijani land is completely mine-free, while nearly 800,000 mines and other explosive…  

Towards Sustainable Development: Promoting Rural Women’s Leadership and Economic Empowerment

In Azerbaijan, where rural women represent 77 percent of the total women population of the country, engrained cultural stereotypes oftentimes reiterate the image of women solely as homemakers, a…  

GEF, UNDP to enhance agricultural biodiversity in Azerbaijan

A new project on ‘Conservation and sustainable use of globally important agrobiodiversity’ to boost economic competitiveness in the non-oil sector through Azerbaijan’s vast agricultural biodiversity…  

Empowering women is powerful: In Azerbaijan, advanced women drive rural and urban development

EU, UNDP and partners enhance local capacities of women and organisations in urban and rural parts of the country and advance the economic liberalisation and gender equality agenda.  

Small business support helps women in rural Azerbaijan to change their lives and transform their communities

In Masalli, the lack of opportunities for women to make the most of their marketable skills is now being addressed head-on by a USAID and UNDP funded project helping women to gain the business skills…  

Taking Collaborative Action on Climate Change

UNDP and SOCAR sign a Letter of Intent to further joint efforts on environmental protection and the SDGs  

Clean technology innovation in response to climate change

In Azerbaijan, where much of the economy is heavily dependent on oil and gas revenues, the Government has demonstrated strong interest in reducing the country’s carbon emission footprint.  

Azerbaijan’s business community at the heart of poverty eradication efforts

Achieving the SDGs can unlock USD 12 trillion a year in business value creating more than 380 million jobs across four key industries –food and agriculture, cities and urban mobility, energy and…  

UN agencies support policy engagement on SDGs

A national stakeholder consultation workshop addresses the integration of the SDGs into national development plans.  

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