UNDP held first MUN Security Council Conference in Azerbaijan

Jan 8, 2014

Azerbaijan’s first International Model UN Security Council Conference held on 21-25 October was organized within the joint project "Youth Participation in Decision Making and Policy Implementation" between the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and UNDP Azerbaijan. This was a time when the Republic of Azerbaijan chaired the United Nations Security Council as a result of election a non-permanent member of the Council. A four-day conference brought together 45 university students and graduates of 15 states currently serving as members of the UN Security Council including Azerbaijan.

The opening ceremony of the event was launched by the video message of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to the participants. In his speech the Secretary-General congratulated the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and UNDP Azerbaijan. “I trust that this Model UN exercise will lead to a greater awareness of the real need to develop international standards to deal with cyber crimes. I also hope you will leave Baku with a greater appreciation for the role of the United Nations in our interconnected world” - the Secretary General stated in his message.

The UN Secretary General’s Envoy for Youth Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi, Mr. Azad Rahimov, Minister of Youth and Sport and Mr. Antonius Broek, UNDP Resident Representative welcomed participants and stressed the model conference as an excellent instrument to develop what is best in young people: their vision, creative power, and drive to make a substantial difference in the world.

In a two-day simulation game, the participants joined the model Security Council debates on cyber-security issues, adopted resolutions on an emerged crisis and made attempts to form a common framework for its solution. The Presidency of the Security Council is conducted by an international expert, Ms. Hannah Moosa.

The young people required to step into the shoes of ambassadors and diplomats and role-play the policy debates at the Security Council meeting. Engagement in MUN helped the participants to develop their research abilities, advanced their writing, public speaking and analytical skills, which are invaluable assets for future policy-makers. Furthermore, through this exercise they learnt the value of consensus building, conflict resolution and cooperation and enhance their leadership and communication skills. In the official closing ceremony the participants of the conference awarded with the international recognized certificates. Afterwards, Intercultural Night for the representatives of countries representing the UN Security Council was organized.

The simulation is an indicator of a successful implementation of the project and is considered as a contribution to the development of decision-making capabilities of Azerbaijani youth. Ms. Ilaha Abasli, a participant of the simulation, shared her ideas by stressing the importance of such projects in empowering youth in the country. “My purpose was to find out new methods in decision-making process, learn and benefit from the experience. I think I achieved my goals during the conference and simulations. I hope I will be able to use the experience I learnt when I become to be a decision-maker. ” – Ilaha said.

Azerbaijan has become a non permanent member of UN Security Council since January 1, 2012 and its membership continued until December 31, 2013. During these two years Azerbaijan chaired the Security Council twice: May, 2012 and October 2013.

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