Governments, business and civil society to examine internet security, access and development issues in Baku

Nov 6, 2012

Over 1500 delegates from over 100 countries -- representing Governments, the private sector, civil society, the Internet community, international organizations and the media will convene in Baku, Azerbaijan to examine cross-border Internet governance challenges at the seventh meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), to be held from 6 - 9 November 2012.


This year’s annual meeting, to take place at the Baku Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, will have as its main theme: ‘Internet Governance for Sustainable Human, Economic and Social Development’. Internet governance for development (IG4D) is high on the agenda of the IGF 2012 meeting.

Delegates will look at examples of global Internet governance issues that may have particular relevance to development, and how Internet governance can be integrated into development approaches, at the national and international levels.  Such debates will focus on issues such as the diffusion and use of IPv6 (Critical Internet resources) and how innovative policies for Access and Diversity can ensure the potential of the Internet become a reality for all. 

Other workshops will look at the issues of Security, Openness and Privacy – a uniquely IGF perspective which links these core policy concerns.  Some of the workshops will debate issues such as filtering, blocking and the impacts of actions taken to cut access to the Internet for individuals, groups or entire countries. This session will build upon last year's discussion on protecting freedom of expression and innovation. The Forum will also examine the role of traditional and new media, and professional and citizen journalists, in the Internet 3.0 world.


Several debates at this year IGF will also revolve around Emerging Issues, such as intellectual property rights and new business models, open data and the use of Internet in disaster management.  The multi-stakeholder model, the evolution of the IGF and the role and specificities of national and regional IGFs will constitute other topics of discussion under the theme Taking Stock and the Way Forward.


An important focus at this year IGF will be on capacity building in the field of Internet governance. Participants will discuss, among others, on the role of capacity building in strengthening the Internet governance multi-stakeholder model and on the possibility for the IGF to include well structured and coordinated capacity building events mean to attract and inform new stakeholders, especially from developing countries.

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