UNDP RBEC hosted Partnership and Resource Mobilization Workshop in Azerbaijan

11 Jul 2013

imageUNDP BREC Group Photo

The objective of the workshop is to prepare a financial sustainability and effectiveness plan for UNDP to ensure that Country Offices are well equipped to operate effectively and efficiently to improve the lives of the people. The workshop also discussed how UNDP turns its universally accepted relevance and recognized leadership in key areas of development into stronger focus as well as results. With the launch of the new strategy UNDP will enhance its cooperation with the governments as a reliable and trusted partner, rather than a donor fostering broader collaboration. This workshop brought together UNDP staff from almost UNDP offices in Eastern Europe and CIS.

Mr. Haoling Xu, Deputy Regional Director said that Azerbaijan’s success in the field of poverty reduction is remarkable and the government’s cooperation with UNDP is an excellent example for the region’s states. “Providing financial support, Azerbaijan proves that it is a good partner of UNDP. The Government of Azerbaijan has significantly increased its role in the life of UNDP. We can surely say that Azerbaijan is ready for UNDP’s new vision and strategy. So, it is the reason that we decided/ to host this workshop in Baku” – he said.

Welcoming all participants, Mr. Mahmud Mammad-Guliyev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs mentioned that Azerbaijan is willing to contribute to South – South cooperation and had already shifted from a recipient country status to a donor country status in UNDP system. The implementation of “Azerbaijan – 2020: the vision to the future” will mark a new development stage for Azerbaijan. Mr. Mammad-Guliyev said that Azerbaijan would cooperate with United Nations and its specialized agencies, especially in the field of agriculture, ICT, tourism, education, health and governance.


Ruslan Ismayil-zada, UNDP/ UN Communications Officer ruslan.ismayilzada@undp.org