UNDP and ANAMA signed Memorandum

Jul 12, 2013

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The Memorandum signing ceremony between Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA)  and the United Nations Development Programme on the 3rd phase of the "Community Based Small Business Trainings and Micro-credit Revolving Fund for Azerbaijan Mine Survivors Project" was held in the ANAMA Headquarters.

Current phase of the joint project of UNDP and ANAMA aims to expand existing mine action capacity, continue promoting ANAMA as a International Mine Action Centre and provide assistance to mine victims. Socio-economic reintegration of mine survivors and their families as a vulnerable and marginalized group into Azerbaijan society, i.e. improving livelihoods, standard of living and integration into society is an important part of any mine action project.

In previous project UNDP jointly with ANAMA conducted country wide mine victim needs assessment. As a result of this assessment ANAMA had a number of mine victim assistance integration projects.

Today’s signing ceremony is dedicated to the next stage of assistance to mine victims within the framework of ongoing project of UNDP and ANAMA. The main goal of the Memorandum that will be signed today is micro grant programme for mine victims that will enable them to obtain small loans for start-up or expansion of small business. The credit loan involves zero interest rates to ensure as much comfortable conditions for the mine victims as possible. At the same time, the proposed project will also provide non-financial (business development) services, such as social intermediation, business skills training (accounting, marketing, management) and counseling, which are essential for an effective and efficient start-up.

Within the framework of the project, it is expected that 40 mine survivors will directly benefit from the project. As a result approximately 160 family members would also benefit, e.g. through increased family income and employment of family members. The proposed project will be implemented in 7 districts in Azerbaijan, including but not limited to Aghjabedi, Beylagan, Imishli, Saatli and Bilasuvar districts, with the significant number of mine survivors reside.

The budget of the project is 136,000 USD. Micro grant project will be funded from existing project between ANAMA and UNDP and will be co-funded using financial allocations both by UNDP and ANAMA. The micro grant project will be implemented by International Organization for Migration in consortium with local NGO Ciraq.

Signing the Memorandum, Mr. Broek, Resident Representative of UNDP in Azerbaijan appreciated ANAMA for the effective and longstanding partnership with UNDP, IOM and other partners, and expressed UNDP’s commitment to support and facilitate future collaboration with ANAMA related to mine action.

The partnership of UNDP Azerbaijan with Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action dates back to 1999 with the date of establishment of ANAMA. This longstanding cooperation delivered significant results in establishment of fully indigenous national mine action agency capable not only to implement all range of mine action activities but also to serve as service provider for other mine affected countries.

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