Address by Prof. Dr. Ali M. Abbasov, Minister of Communications and Information Technologies at UNSC Conference in Baku

Oct 21, 2013

Mr Abbasov ühile delivering a seppech at UNSC Conference organized in Azerbaijan

Today we have great opportunity to participate at a very unique and unusual event. The 1st International Model UN Security Council Conference is an event on formation of the virtual model of cyber-security policies. This model is a simulation model of the UN Security Council. We participate at the event which is dedicated to cyber security issues.

It's an honor that this event is taking place in Azerbaijan. As is known, today the sphere of information and communication technologies is one of the priorities of the state policy of Azerbaijan.It should be noted that our country is one of initiators of significant regional projects. Azerbaijan implements projects of national, regional and international significance. Our country also supports the implementation of regional projects.

I would like to emphasize that on 5th September UN General Assembly passed a resolution supporting the initiative of Azerbaijan on the establishment of the Eurasian Alliance (Eurasian Connectivity Alliance - EuraCA) and construction of the Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM). This initiative envisages enhancing trans-regional cooperation in the field of information and communications technologies, helps Governments respond better to the needs and challenges of that sector, increase private sector’s interest in this field and facilitate knowledge-sharing in this sphere. TASIM is a regionally significant project aimed at laying trans-national fiber-optic lines covering Eurasian countries located in a vast territory stretching from Western Europe to Eastern Asia.

Resolving of cyber security issues is one of global problems of the world community. Today cybercrime has turned into one of major economic crimes. According to the latest estimations, world financial damages from the cybercrime make one trillion USD dollars. Therefore, participants of the cyberspace should be careful and know how to secure themselves. At the present time both developed and developing countries of the world are being digitalized. By the end of this year the percentage ratio of Internet users in the world will make 40 %. In developing economies this ratio will be 31 %. Forecasts show that by 2020 the number of devices connected to the Internet will reach 50 billion mark. All international organizations of the world, are working on resolving of cyber security issues.

From one year to the next cyber crimes become more dangerous. Cyber crimes can be compared with the crimes of nuclear and chemical weapons. At the present time international organizations realize the need to ensure world population’s security. Many countries implement projects related to provision of technology security. Nevertheless, the world experience shows that we cannot be fully protected. World economies should cooperate in order to strengthen the security of information space. Strengthening of cooperation between the representatives of the international organizations, the public sector, private companies and research institutes will raise the level of cyber security.

International Model UN Security Council Conference plays a very important role for us. Baku is going to prepare an important message to all the countries of the world. To date UN Security Council have prepared 5 resolutions on cyber security. Nevertheless, the world community doesn’t have an International Framework Program on Cyber Security. During this international conference we would like to prepare recommendations on development of International Framework on Cyber security.

I thank you and wish you all the success.

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