Welcome statement of Mr. Broek at the International Model UN Security Conference on Cyber-security

Oct 21, 2013

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Resident Representative, MR. Antonius Broek while delivering a speech at International Model Conference of UN Security Council

Dear Ministers, Excellencies, UN Special Envoy on Youth, distinguished guests, young delegates, friends of the media,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the International Model UN Security Council Conference, the first ever in Azerbaijan that has brought together young people from 15 permanent and non-permanent member states of the UN Security Council.

The idea of this Conference was born in a dialogue between the United Nations Development Programme and the authorities of Azerbaijan on how we can together contribute to youth development and empowerment. We see the Model UN as an excellent instrument to develop what is best in young people: their vision, creative power, and drive to make a substantial difference in our world.

How the world will look in twenty years from now will depend largely on the decisions we make today. For over a year, the UN has been carrying out consultations globally, regional and locally on the Future We Want, known as the Post-2015 agenda. It is about setting Sustainable Development Goals and shaping strategies that will make our world an inclusive, peaceful and sustainable place for us and future generations. Young people were an integral part of these consultations, both as a target group and as an important part of the solution. The UN needs engagement of young people because tomorrow they will be the decision takers and  become a Parliamentarian,  a Prime Minister, an Ambassador, or President of the UN General Assembly, and their decisions will affect millions of people.

Every day, UN staff are in the field, helping out people in need, protecting environment and keeping the peace. Every day, diplomats are working to resolve crises and develop the international laws that govern our complex world. Your experience in this conference will give you a full taste of the complexity of international relations and developmental challenges, the intricacies of listening to the voice of the people, negotiations among diverse stakeholders, the challenges of achieving consensus and the patience required to win progress. This has been my life for the past 30 years.

I do hope that the next four days will become an incredible experience for all of you and the memories of the Baku Conference will stay with you for a long while. I urge you to listen to each other, to work together, to try your best to resolve the “crisis”, and to use the knowledge and skills you gain from this Model UN exercise to advance the objectives, principles and values of the United Nations.

I would like to conclude by thanking all those who contributed to make this event possible – to the Government of Azerbaijan, and specifically to Mr. Azad Rahimov, Minister of Youth and Sports, and UN Special Envoy on Youth Mr. Alhendawi and my colleagues from the UN Department of Public Information.

Thank you!

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