Ghulam Isaczai's speech for the Inauguration Ceremony of Women Resource Center and the Center for Innovation and Employment Center in Masally

Oct 6, 2016

I am honoured to be here in Masalli today together with our esteemed partners from the Government of Azerbaijan, the US Embassy and USAID, and the UNDP team attending the inauguration of Women Resource Centre and Syslab Employment Centre.

This event proves the stout commitment of all parties to one and the same mission, shared globally and locally – the Sustainable Development Goals, which, among other things, call for ending the poverty, reducing inequalities, ensuring gender equality, and decent work for all. In this regard, I would like to commend the achievements of the Government of Azerbaijan who has been successfully keeping the poverty at check, developing comprehensive legislative and policy frameworks towards decent work and social protection, and ensuring women’s economic rights and wellbeing.

It is absolutely essential that the benefits of your progress and successful policies roll out to the regions as widely as possible. I am grateful to USAID for agreeing to join this mission and extending their support for economic empowerment for entrepreneurship and employment among rural women and youth of Masalli. The achievements of this initiative demonstrate that cooperation among international organizations and support to local authorities are a key recipe for success.

This partnership between the Government of Azerbaijan, USAID and UNDP helps women and youth improve their lives in meaningful, sustainable ways, by opening their own businesses, starting successful careers, finding jobs matching their aspirations, and by gaining control over their lives. This is equally important for both women and youth, who often are more vulnerable and susceptible to life’s challenges. By helping women and youth, we are helping the future of this beautiful country.

I would like to thank everyone from the US Embassy, USAID and Government partners, and especially the local staff of the Masalli Women Resource Centre and SYSLAB Centre, for their tenacious work and commitment under this partnership. I would also like to express my gratitude to Mr. Rafil Huseynov for his generous hospitality and support for ensuring such impressive premises for the Women Resource Centre and SYSLAB Centre. I hope both the Government of Azerbaijan and the donor community will continue supporting such crucial initiatives which have lasting positive impact on people’s lives.

I am proud that UNDP has been on your side during these years and that we can call ourselves your partner and friend. As an organization dedicated to knowledge-sharing and excellence in development work, UNDP will continue providing support to your mission in years to come for the benefit of the people of Azerbaijan.

I am looking forward to see some of the results of your joint work today and to get to know better the courageous and entrepreneurial women who have been taking up the exciting challenge that has been offered to them.

Thank you again for your hospitality.

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