Promoting the Role of Civil Society in Gender-sensitive SDG implementation





2018 – 2020


1,111.111 EUR



Implementing Partner:

NCCSD, The State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs

Focus Area:

Women's Empowerment, Gender-inclusive Advancement of the 2030 Agenda



Full Project Information: 

Project Summary

In the spirit of ‘leaving no one behind’, the 2030 Agenda particularly stresses the role of women and girls as the accelerators for various aspects of sustainable development. Today, women remain globally underrepresented in leadership and management positions in the public and private sectors. In the labour market, women worldwide make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, while carrying out three times as much unpaid household and care work. Although Azerbaijan has a well-developed legislative base to ensure  equal rights of men and women to engage in all types of economic activity, inherit, own and sell property, receive bank loans and travel in and out of the country, the solid legal base does not always translate into the positive outcomes in women’s life. The national statistics suggests that women tend to receive less fortunate labour market positions - while women’s labour force participation rates in Azerbaijan are above those in neighbouring Iran and Turkey, they are below those reported in Kazakhstan, as well as most EU countries and in China. The data also indicates that the vast majority (73% in 2015) of inactive workers in Azerbaijan are women. In addition, women’s employment tends to be concentrated in sectors (e.g., agriculture, trade, education and health) in which wages and salaries are well below national averages, with most employed women receiving lower wages than men in the same positions. In agriculture, for example, men have better access to business support services, training, and education, which contribute to better work opportunities and higher pay. The sum total of these factors means that less than one-third of senior- and middle-management positions in Azerbaijan are held by female employees.  Ensuring gender equality and women empowerment is a complex and ambitious task that requires broad-based participation and multi-stakeholder partnerships including governments, civil society, academia, media and private sector. In this view, the project will support civil society driven SDGs implementation through gender lens and will incorporate the civil society organizations (CSOs)as the key agents to test and apply the twin-track approach to gender-sensitive SDGs implementation. The project will also build capacities of the local civil society organisations through a series of trainings and access to learning resources. It will facilitate effective networking and forge partnerships between the CSOs as well as national and local authorities.

Project Objectives

Overall objective
  • Promote greater participation of the CSOs in the gender-sensitive implementation of the national SDG agenda.
Specific objectives
  • Promote confidence building and dialogue between the civil society and the government around the SDGs issues;
  • Improve understanding and knowledge of CSOs, to apply gender-responsive approach to SDG implementation;
  • Increase participation of the ​CSOs in the implementation of gender sensitive SDG initiatives.

Expected results

  • A platform for dialogue and networking between the CSOs and the government of Azerbaijan on including gender considerations in the implementation of the SDG agenda will be established  
  • CSOs will gain an increased understanding of the SDGs framework and capacities to apply gender-responsive approaches to the SDG implementation.
  • A grant programme to support CSO-led gender-sensitive SDG initiatives will be designed and implemented.

Project Budget

Total Budget:

EUR 1,111,111

EU: EUR 1,000,000
UNDP TRAC: EUR 111,111

Deadline for submission of project proposals: 12 November 2018, 18:00 (Baku time) 

To increase a participatory involvement of civil society organisations in Azerbaijan in the implementation of gender-sensitive SDG initiatives, UNDP Office in Azerbaijan announces a Call for Proposals inviting all eligible not-for-profits to apply by the deadline indicated in this announcement.

Submissions under this Call should directly support the implementation of select targets under Global Goal 5: Gender Equality and gender-related targets of other SDGs. The list of gender-related targets eligible for support under this Call for Proposals is attached as Annex E. The project proposal submitted under this Call will have to explain how the project will contribute to achieving specific SDG(s) and target(s).

The proposed project ideas can also support gender-responsive monitoring and evaluation of the SDG implementation, including such aspects as sex-disaggregated data collection and statistics, assessments, progress reviews. 

More detailed information about the call can be found under the Guidelines for Preparation and Submission of Project Proposals here. All supporting documents pertaining to the Call are available in the annexes below:  

Annex A: Project Proposal Template

Annex B: Project Budget

Annex C: Applicant Declaration

Annex D: Partnership Statement and Profile

Annex E: List of gender-responsive targets and indicators in the SDGs

To facilitate greater pubic awareness of the specifics of the current Call for Proposals, UNDP organised an information session on 22 October 2018 at the JW Marriott Absheron Baku, "Hovsan" roomProspective applicants wishing to attend the information session were invited to register their participation and take this opportunity to clarify any questions and uncertainties they had with regards to specific aspects of the Call for Proposals. Following the information session, the UNDP project team has released the summary of questions and answers discussed. The comprehensive summary of the questions and answers can be found here.   

Any further questions regarding this Call for Proposals should be sent via e-mail at no later than 18:00 (Baku time) on 2 November 2018 and should indicate clearly the reference of the Call for Proposals. 




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