Energy, environment,

climate change and resilience

Empower local communities

As the United Nation’s global development network, UNDP empowers local communities to participate in decision-making processes for sustainable pastureland and forest management and strengthens farmers’ livelihood through expanding agro-businesses using local crop varieties. Community resilience to climate-induced floods is strengthened through the establishment of an early warning system and implementation of a gender-sensitive disaster preparedness programme addressing specific vulnerabilities of men and women. 

Our goal

UNDP supports the country’s efforts to reduce harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increase energy efficiency in the transport and construction sectors. In 2018, UNDP helped the Government of Azerbaijan create the first marine national park in the entire Caspian Sea region.

20,000 hectares

of forests

and 7,924 hectares of pastures are now under sustainable forest and land management practices.

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