TERMS OF REFERENCE AND PROCUREMENT NOTICE: Lead legal consultant (Train local legal consultants on legal counselling support for family and individuals experienced GBV) | OFFEROR'S LETTER 

Development Consultant IC based on Framework AgreementOFFEROR’S LETTER

Terms of Reference and Procurement Notice Monitoring Specialist

Terms of Reference Agro-biodiversity and plant specialistINDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT PROCUREMENT NOTICEOFFEROR’S LETTER   

Terms of Reference Agro-biodiversity Conservation Expert INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT PROCUREMENT NOTICE

Terms of Reference National GIS and data manager | INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT PROCUREMENT NOTICE                       

Terms of Reference National Land Degradation expert | INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT PROCUREMENT NOTICE   

Individual Consultant – expert on beauty salon and barbershop equipment

 National Consultant / WRC Sustainability Model Development within the framework of Women’s Economic Empowerment in the South Caucasus | Offeror's Letter

National Consultant – Assist with the baseline assessment within the framework of “VET for the future: development of VET providers’ excellence in Azerbaijan” project |Offeror's Letter

Livelihood and CBI Assistant

Career/job Counselling and guidance on employment f to WRC members, linkages with public and private sector l Offeror's Letter

Local Consultant on Packaging, Branding and Marketing l Offeror's Letter 

National Training Officer l Offeror's Letter 

Local Consultant to support to develop Business Plan for an impact oriented implementation/expanding/branding of Furniture services l Offeror's Letter 

Terminal Evaluator (local) l ToR l Offeror's Letter 

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