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New Women’s Resource Centre Opens in the Baku Khazar District

Today, a new Women’s Resource Centre was opened in the Baku Khazar District, with funding support from Switzerland  

Government of Azerbaijan, UNDP to create 500 new businesses for people with disabilities

A new flagship project aiming to support the creation of new businesses for people with disabilities was signed between the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Azerbaijan and the United…  

EU, UNDP & partners launch "We are different but equal" video project

In marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a new documentary on inclusive development released  

The Global Thematic Consultation on Conflict, Violence and Disaster, and the Post-2015 Development Agenda

This report is based on and reflects an extensive global public consultation, held from July 2012 – March 2013. Its content and recommendations do not necessarily reflect the views and positions of…  

Consultations on Post-2015 Development Agenda in Azerbaijan Final Report

This report presents a synthesis of the consolidated evidence and findings that have emerged from the four-month national consultations led by several UN agencies and engaging people from all walks of…  

Communication: A DECENT LIFE FOR ALL:
Ending poverty and giving the world a sustainable future

This Communication proposes a common EU approach to these issues. To do this, it first identifies the main global challenges and opportunities. It then turns to evaluate the success of global poverty…  

The Report of the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015

Report provides an example of how new goals and measurable targets could be framed in the wake of these transformative shifts. This list is illustrative rather than prescriptive. While views naturally…  

MDGs and beyond 2015, a strong EU Engagement

As one of the key actors, the EU has an important role to play in defining a new post-2015 framework. The EU is likely to build on the current MDG approach and to maintain poverty eradication as the…  

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