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Women's Resource Centres in Azerbaijan: Hope Lives Here

27 Oct 2019

Studies show that, if women were able to participate equally in the economy, global GDP could increase by 26 per cent – the equivalent of $12 trillion dollars – by 2025[1]. But unfortunately only 50 per cent of women of working age, worldwide, are in the labour force – compared to 77 per cent of men. In many countries around the world, women tend to be largely concentrated in informal and precarious employment, but they are paid on average 23 per cent less than men while carrying out at least 2.5 times more unpaid household and care work.

Many of these challenges also exist in Azerbaijan, a small country in South Caucasus where the past couple years have seen a remarkable spike of economic activities among women, nationwide. To address these challenges, the Government of Azerbaijan and the United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) along with other national and international donors and partners have been establishing flagship Women’s Resource Centres in the regions of Azerbaijan to promote women’s economic engagement, employment and entrepreneurship.

These Centres have become home to hundreds of women who now have free spaces they meet, network, exchange ideas, forge partnerships, attract capital, gain confidence and grow both personally and professionally. This booklet is about the women in Qusar and Khazar who have become successful role models in their communities and were able to build a better life for themselves and others.




[1] McKinsei Global Institute (2015). How advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growth 




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