Democratic Governance


The Democratic Governance programme supports Azerbaijan in developing strong, transparent and accountable public institutions, staffed by professional civil servants and guided by appropriate laws. We also facilitate participation of civil society, in particular young people, in the policy making and implementation. A central component of UNDP support to the public administration reform is the E-governance programme. Over the past ten years, UNDP Azerbaijan has developed one of the largest E-Governance programmes in UNDP anywhere. Various projects have helped the Government of Azerbaijan to shape policies in the E-Governance area, to articulate and implement a National ICT Strategy. more

Our Goals

Our main goal is to support the Government in its aspirations to continue to the process of institutional reforms and align the legislation, systems and processes with the European standards. more

Entry exams into civil service

With UNDP support, the Civil Service Commission has shifted from paper-based to computer-based entry examinations, thereby increasing efficiency and transparency of the recruitment process into civil service. More

Our Stories

A woman withdraws her pension in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Pension reforms to serve and protect the vulnerable

During the first years of independence, Azerbaijan suffered a severe economic crisis which quickly resulted in a collapse of the social safety net maintained during themore 


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Projects and Initiatives

  • Youth in Governance

    Recognizing that youth are tremendous agents for change and are important constituencies and drivers for peace and development, and considering its corporate experience in working on youth-related challenges in Europe and former Soviet Union, UNDP supports the Ministry of Youth and Sport (MYS) of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the thematic area of “youth empowerment and democratic governance” with the purpose of the assisting the government in implementation of the State Programme on Azerbaijani Youth 2011-2015.more 

  • Establishing a State Registry of Population

    One of the legacies of former Soviet Union that Azerbaijan inherited was the lack of accurate and easily accessible database on population. There was no central register of population and information on population was often scattered between various state agencies. This critical issue was addressed by joint project of UNDP and the Ministry of Justice on the establishment a modern fully automated State Register of the Population.more 

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