The Government of Afghanistan sees Azerbaijan’s experience in e-Governance as a great development model.

Jun 10, 2013

Azerbaijan’s achievement in the field of e-governance is highly appreciated by many countries and international organizations. This is linked directly to the successful experience of Azerbaijan in harnessing the e-Governance potential for development including several projects implemented jointly with UNDP. Since many developing transition countries consider Azerbaijan’s success exemplary and set as their key aim to benefit from its experience. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan which has always been under the spotlight of international community is also one of them.

Azerbaijan’s support to the development of Afghanistan is most prominent in the area of e-governance. Following the statements made by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan H.E. Mr. Ilham Aliyev in support of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan has further increased its cooperation with respective Afghan Government institutions. In 2012, Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allocated 150,000 USD in support of development assistance to Afghanistan through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Besides this, a number of Azerbaijani Government entities have organized trainings and study tours for their Afghani counterparts and  implemented some initiatives for support to Afghanistan having mutual visits. It should be mentioned that this cooperation has already been highly appreciated by  Mr. Jan Kubis, Special Representative of the Secretary General to Afghanistan, among many international partners and he underlined such a contribution by Azerbaijan to the regional partnership. 

The Government of Afghanistan has been repeatedly stressing its great interest in cooperation with Azerbaijan in the field of information and communications technologies. Considering Azerbaijan’s achievements in e-Governance, UNDP Country Offices in Azerbaijan and Afghanistan have agreed to facilitate Azerbaijan’s assistance to Afghanistan in the E-Governance. A visit of high level Afghan officials organized with UNDP assistance is one of the important steps in this direction.

A delegation of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan headed by H.E. Mr. Amirzai Sangin, Minister of Communications and Information Technology and consisting of 26 high level officials - with majority of them at Deputy Minister level - will visit  a number of Azerbaijan’s governmental  institutions including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of  Communications & Information Technologies, the Ministry of Justice, the State Social Protection Fund, the State Customs Committee, the Civil Service Commission and the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations in Baku. The purpose of the visit which will take place from June 09 to 15 is to study the experience of Azerbaijan in harnessing potential of e-Governance for development and to discuss their implementation prospects in Afghanistan. This event is organized by UNDP Azerbaijan and Afghanistan Country Offices, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan/AIDA, the Ministry of Communications & Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Communications & Information Technologies of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.  It is hoped that detailed discussions and demonstration of tangible results of efficient utilization of e-Governance will set a stage for a number of similar initiatives in Afghanistan including those where Afghan and Azeribaijani specialists can work together.

This initiative occurs during Azerbaijan’s two-year membership of the UN Security Council and highlights Azerbaijan’s commitment to be an active participant in the solution of regional and global issues and to use the fruits of its fast growth over the past 20 years to help other nations. This cooperation helps Azerbaijan play a significant role in promoting stability and economic development in Afghanistan. Upcoming visit proves that Azerbaijan is not simply sharing its experience but also joins donor nations club to support peace and stability efforts in Afghanistan.

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