Strengthening And Expansion Of Mine Action Capacity in Azerbaijan

Project Summary

The history of cooperation between UNDP and ANAMA dates back to year 1999 with the first phase of Azerbaijan Mine Ation Programme. The current project document represents extension of the project through the PHASE IV of the Azerbaijan Mine Action Programme. Immediate objective of the current phase is to continue to support ANAMA, for a period of 3 more years (2012-2015), in its formation of a fully sustainable national institution to be able to oversee all aspects of mine/UXO action programme. 

The project aims to support the institutional capacity of Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action. UNDP's short term strategy is to continue to provide ANAMA with technical, financial, advisory, networking and promotional support so that it can sustain, and further develop, its capacity. UNDP's areas of interest, in terms of building the institutional capacity of ANAMA should focus on its ability to effectively undertake the following tasks: mine-affected countries. Project will also look to the possibility and undertake all possible actions required to continue transformation of ANAMA to International Center for Mine Action. 

Within the NATO/ Partnership for Peace Trust Fund Project, ANAMA conducted Battle Area Clearance and explosive ordenance disposal trainings for Georgian military officers in the Goygol Training Center. ANAMA provide basic Humanitarian Demining Training Course for Turkey Mechanical and Chemical Industries personnel to enable their future involvement in humanitarian mine action activities in Turkey. 


Project Objective

The project aims to strenghten the system governance with the involvment of Civil Society and in compliance with international commitments, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable groups. The objective is to ensure the efficiency accountability and transparency within public administration. The project supports ANAMA in its formation for a fully sustainable national institution to be able to oversee all the aspects of mine/UXO action programme. 

The project's immediate objective are three-fold:

  • ensuring mine and UNO clearance operations in accordance with the results of Suvey and relevant Government priorities. 
  • Conducting mine victim assistance community based projects. 
  • Further expansion of international centre for Mine Action. 


Expected Results

  • Continue to provide ANAMA with advisory, financial, nteworking and promotional support so that it can sustain, and further develop its capacity. 
  • UNDP focuses on its ability to undertake international netwoking and support other mine-affected countries. The long term strategy should offer ANAMA technical support in preparing and implementation of the Contngency Plan to intervene in all aspects of mine/UXO action programme in the occupied territories as soon as the peace agreement is reached. 
  • Expand the Training Center's territory and multiply trainings and mine victim assistance strategy training by constructing additional facilities to accomodate more trainees int he Training Center and enable conduct the whole range of mine action trainings for increased number of participants. 
  • Deliver trainings for both national and international staff in Goygol Training Center. 



Project start date:

November 2012

Estimated end date:

March 2020

Focus area:

  • build resilience to shocks and crisis
  • basic services
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Azerbaijan

    Implementing partner:

    AZE-Natl Agy for Mine Action

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    Funding Support by

    Donor name

  • United Nations Development Pro
  • Aze-government
  • Foreign Common Wealth Ofice
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    2018 $41,529

    2017 $1,285,342

    2016 $2,142,224

    2015 $1,799,688

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