Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Support

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Project Summary

The Green Climate Fund Readiness Proposal was developed to define a strategic engagement framework with the Green Climate Fund(GCF), help strengthen the National Designated Authority (NDA) and enhance Azerbaijan’s capacity to implement mitigation and adaptation actions. Notwithstanding that Azerbaijan, as a Non-Annex I Country of the Convention has not taken any quantitative commitments, it has implemented several programs to mitigate and adapt to climate change using internal resources and international aid. In December 2016, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources was appointed as the NDA to the GCF.

Project Objectives

The project activities will allow the NDA to:

  • strengthen national capacities;
  • support stakeholder engagement in consultation and policy development processes;
  • mobilise private sector in national consultations and financing mechanisms.

The project also aims to increase the capacity of the NDA and other national stakeholders to carry out its climate change focused programs in partnership with the GCF and pave the way for structured and active participation of the private sector to achieve national climate goals.

Expected Results

Strengthening of NDA Engagement of stakeholders in consultative processes
  • In close consultation with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources acting as the NDA for Azerbaijan, a needs assessment of MENR will be carried out to identify its main needs for institutional and individual capacity building of the NDA, in what relates to roles and responsibilities as the NDA of the GCF;
  • Terms of Reference (TOR) for the coordination of the NDA’s work will be developed based on multi-stakeholder partnerships, including women groups and State Committee on Family, Women and Children's Issues;
  • Capacity building workshops and trainings will be deisgned and executed based on the assessment done under the created design;
  • In close consultation with the NDA, guidelines for effective no-objection process will be developed, validated, and disseminated;
  • The existing frameworks for national monitoring and oversight of climate finance (including local and community-level monitoring mechanisms)will be analysed and recommendations to improve access, sequencing, monitoring, and reporting of finance will be developed;
  • Participation of the NDA key staff in the South-South exchanges organised by the UNDP or other parties will be facilitated.
  • Current practices on stakeholder engagement processes for climate change related policies and strategies will be mapped with recommendations for improvement endorsed by the NDA;
  • Stakeholder engagement plan for consultations of the development of Azerbaijan's roadmap to achieve its NDC and GCF country programme with proposed methodology, timelines and outputs will be developed. The engagement plan will include cinsultations with line ministries, local-level authorities, the NGO Council at the MENR and other groups in close coordination with the SCFWCA;
  • A communications/advocacy strategy will be developed to inform key stakeholders on the progress of the engagement plan;
  • The ongoing and planned country policies programmes, including adaptation plans will be analysed, developed and updated accordingly;
  • A roadmap for NDC implementation and a GCF country program that identifies strategic practices for engagement with the GCF that aim for transformational adaptation, mitigation  and gender inclusion will be created.
Private sector mobilisation
  • Gaps, barriers and opportunities to develop a private sector engagement strategy will be analysed. UNDP and NDA will also aim to engage companies that are members of the Global Compact initiative in Azerbaijan, as well as those in the vetted UN vendor list in the country, and SMEs lead by women and indigenous groups;
  • The official validation of the provate sector engagement strategy and key stakeholders' involvement in the national GCF coordination mechanism will be facilitated by the NDA.

Project Accomplishments

  • A Needs Assessment Report was developed with the inclusion of roles and responsibilities of NDA for the GCF.
  • Terms of Reference for key positions, and both local and international consultants, including gender experts were prepared.
  • 2 trainings based on the needs assessment, and the GCF policies and procedures were conducted for the Azerbaijani participants in Turkey.
  • Relevant guidelines on the No Objection Procedure and a report on existing frameworks for national monitoring and oversight of climate finance were developed.
  • The Standard Operating Procedures, and the SOP document for stakeholder engagement process focusing on GCF were finalised.
  • 5 private sector events and meetings and awareness raisining campaigns were held where actors engaged in the consultative processes.
  • A structured dialogue with the private sector players, which have already expressed interest in the possible cooperation with the GCF fund was establihsed and subsequent consultations were held.
  • A gap analysis report on the opportunities to involve the private sector in climate adaptation and mitigation activities has been prepared.




Project start date:

February 2018

Estimated end date:

August 2019

Focus area:

  • accelerate structural transformations
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Azerbaijan

    Implementing partner:

    AZE-Min. of Ecol.& Natural Res

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  • Green Climate Fund
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